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         You have made the first step into making a change in your community. Our amazing team of volunteers are in the community consistently and year round!


        Our goal is to ensure you are aware of our Organization's mission, goals, and plans to create a brighter future, for our existing and upcoming generations. Our method is "Campaigning." Who I Am Foundation holds tri-annual campaigns (three campaigns per year.) To effectively reach and successfully change a community, we have to first identify the problem through community feedback. Addressing the issues that are important to the community, we believe will build a new path for a more prosperous and self sustained future.



Change in The Community

Current Campaign

"Who I Am Community = Common Unity Campaign!" Check out the information available, some tips may be beneficial to you as well!!


We're all equally important!

Who I Am Foundation is an advocate for our communities nationwide. Our mission is to define the problem, create a gateway and give assistance to victims in need by making available the proper resources. 

Our Mission

Perhaps you've heard about our Care Package Distributions or maybe you've seen us giving back, in the streets near you. We don't just talk about change, we create change! Our volunteers are constantly in the streets distributing care packages that consist of essential necessities food, hygiene items, toiletries, socks, clothing, water and much more! Check out some of galleries below.


Santa Fe, NM

Phoenix, AZ

Albuquerque, NM

Sacramento, CA

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