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Frequently Asked Questions

What separates WIAF from other Non-Profit Organizations?

At Who I Am Foundation we strongly believe in our tri-annual campaigns. Our campaigns are focused on important issues in the community given through community feedback. This is the most effective way to address each issue head on allowing us to separate from other organizations that are centered on just one topic. Our after school programs, clubs, events, and functions go beyond the average. Our volunteers are dedicated to making an impact that will last forever.

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How does WIAF decide what issues are in most need for attention?

Community feedback at Who I Am Foundation is how we address important issues within our communities. Parents, school officials, community leaders, community residents, and business owners are just a few individuals who give us feedback on issues that are arising within our communities. We tally up the issue that has come up most often and from there our decision is made.

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If I donate financially, where would my donations go?

Currently, the bulk of our financial obligations are going towards providing the staff the tools to reach out in our communities, and our tri-annual campaigns. The foundation also provides professional resources for our communities. To effectively assist and create a brighter future, the proper help is extremely important and necessary.​

If you have a specific target or project that you wish to directly support, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your wishes.

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How do I obtain WIAF's Federal Tax Identification Number?


To obtain WIAF's TIN please contact

NOTE: WIAF's TIN is automatically provided to all donors and sponsor's upon receipt and also mailed at the end of each year to the physical address provided.

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Why should I/my business sponsor WIAF?

Fully approved via Who I Am Foundation, WIAF Sponsorship Program is the official avenue for substantial, non-directed monetary contributions to WIAF. It is the closest and most direct method for a corporation or individual to support WIAF. In return, WIAF will make official acknowledgement and thanks for the donation via PR involvement (as appropriate according to sponsorship level.) At WIAF we believe our sponsors should be appreciated beyond average. There are four sponsorship levels, defined by donation and in-return benefits of sponsorship. No more than 25% of value can be based on in-kind services.

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How do I contact someone at WIAF about an issue in my community?

To contact someone about an ongoing issue within your community you can email us at Please describe the issue and information that backs your claim. ​​

How do I make sure WIAF is involved with my child's School?
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To inquire if WIAF is involved with your child’s school you can either ask the school counsel or email us at If we are not currently involved in your child’s school and you would like us to be, please list your child’s school name in your email and we will make every effort to incorporate our foundation with the school(s).

​I want to volunteer for WIAF who do I contact?

New volunteers are always welcome! To inquire about volunteering contact for more info.

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What kind of services does WIAF provide?
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WIAF provides many different services

  •         after school programs

  •         School clubs

  •         individual counseling

  •         self-development

  •         community events and functions


are just to name a few. No matter what the issue is, WIAF will find and provide the resources available. There is no task too big or too small.

Have questions that weren't quite answered?

​Contact us at we will be more than happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

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