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Essential Necessity Distribution

Youth Outreach

Computer Literacy

Employment Preparation

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help. Having that one-on-one interaction often makes a difference that you can't imagine.


Team Who I Am is constantly in the streets handing out Care Packages to those in need. The things that we often take for granted are considered a luxury to others. Providing essential necessities


Animal Outreach

Elderly Outreach


Environment Outreach


Having the knowledge to navigate around on a computer is critical in our times. Most things today require some level of computer literacy.

First impression is everything. Knowing what employers look for in interviews can seperate you from your counterparts tremendously.

Cooking Essentials

Financial Management

Getting your life together or perhaps back together entails eating healthy. People who eat healthy are noted to have more energy, better motor skills and they even laugh more!

We often have this great plan with our money on payday. However, life seems to always prevent our plans from transpiring. Having a financial coach can sometimes keep you on track.

Inspiring the youth will never get old. At Who I Am Foundation, we help the youth discover what they are capable of achieving and provide community-based support to empower all youth to face life’s challenges with confidence, competence, and dignity through encouragement, enrichment, and opportunities.

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