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Being part of the reason your community has improved wouldn't be a bad thing! Inquire about becoming a hero and volunteering at :
or call us at 505.490.6388



So you're in school, but you really want to be involved? Did you know that by volunteering with Who I Am Foundation could (in some cases) get you extra credit, or even qualify as an internship or externship! Contact us for more info.


We absolutely love to host and hold assemblies! We also have a Youth Enrichment Program, after schools programs, and many other projects involving schools! The best way to get students and volunteers excitingly involved is entertainment, which we know too well. Call us for a quick consultation on how we can assist your school in the next Assembly.


3 Levels of Volunteer with Who I Am Foundation:


Planning Committee

Planning Committee members require the most commitment. Although time requirements range from only 2-5 hours per week, depending on the position. Our Planning Committee helps plan and coordinate every outreach project, community event, care package distribution, and monthly drive. Planning Committee members MUST attend a minimum of 1 Planning Committee meeting/call per month.

“Front Lines”

Some Volunteers simply just want to show up and help, without committing to anything more. These Volunteers also help greatly, as the more hands we have aboard, the bigger the impact we can make. “Front Line” Volunteers still must commit to and attend a minimum of 1 Who I Am Foundation event, distribution, or project per month.

“Behind The Scenes”

Many Volunteers are unable to attend our projects, distributions, or events due to their schedules with work, family, etc. Behind the scenes volunteers still contribute greatly by helping make phone calls, securing donations, picking up donations, helping recruit volunteers, helping to promote upcoming Who I Am Foundation events, projects, distributions, and more!

All 3 forms of Volunteers are integral and key in Who I Am Foundation’s continual growth in impact throughout many communities!


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