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Working with our organization is an exciting opportunity to use your skills to help a student achieve academic success. We are an enthusiastic organization with the goal of making a difference in a student's life by helping them to overcome their difficulties. Although we cannot offer a job to everyone who applies as we are very selective, we can offer those who are accepted a great work environment with a rewarding job.


We offer in-person, one-on-one tutoring for K-12 students, college/university and test prep subjects. Our students are from both private and public schools and they are in various academic standings.



  1. Lessons occur at the Who I am Rooter Tutor Location.

  2. This is a part-time position, but if you're good, it can be your full time work.

  3. Tutors can work part-time anywhere from 2-25 hours per week.

  4. Tutoring typically occurs between the hours of 10:00am-8:00pm during the work week.

  5. Tutors will typically work with the same students on a weekly basis with a consistent schedule.


We are very selective with the candidates that we choose as tutors. An Assoc., B.S. or B.A. from an acclaimed university is a requirement of those to whom we offer a job. Those who are pursuing a Masters degree or PhD and are looking for a rewarding job on the side are also welcome, along with certified teachers. To be accepted, you must have the following:



  1. An enthusiastic and highly motivated attitude

  2. At least a 3.50 GPA from a University or College.

  3. Your own transportation

  4. A punctual and dependable personality

  5. Teaching/tutoring experience


To Apply For Opportunities Please Call 505-490-6388

Tutoring Jobs

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