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Who I Am Foundation is thankful for our

Bronze Contributors

Here at Who I Am Foundation we like to recognize our contributors! Giving back with Who I Am Foundation expresses another level of community support! Check out some of our proud Bronze Contributors:





Ortegas Propane


George Baros


Joe Arellano


Alive Electric, Inc.


Daniel Arellano


John Brooks (Danny)


Alberton's (Don Gee)


Steve Macdougall


Anthony Montano


Louis Apodaca


Lucky's Lounge (Eddie Madrid)


Sandra Mirabal


Mylinh Duong


Richard Ma


Sadie's of New Mexico


Gloria Westbrook


Charley Davis


Hinkle Family Fun Center


Francisco Rodriguez (Casa de Pinatas)


Lawrence Vasquez (508 Warehouse)


Lindsay Curley


Bobs Burgers (Louie Gamboa, B Staff)


Poquito de Todo

New Mexico Eyecare




We want to give a huge thanks to our bronze contributors. It is because of you that Who I Am Foundation is able to better our communities everyday. Would you like to see your name added to this list of our bronze contributors? Contributions up to $250 puts you on this list. We look forward to adding your name!

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