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Community Outreach

        We have all seen our share of days when it seemed life just couldn't get any harder. Many of us have also been through that moment alone. At Who I Am Foundation we are an open arm Organization. We provide food boxes, clothing, socks, and other essential necessities for those in need. As well as point them in the direction of other resources available in their area. To know what's going on in our communities, we have to be in our communities. We acquire a relationship with each individual, to prevent this further from happening. We believe that by helping one could change an entire community.

       At Who I Am Foundation we firmly believe renewing one community at a time. We find the reason(s) the community is failing and begin development in that area, one issue at a time.


  Did  you know that by volunteering just one hour a day could save hundreds of lives? Did you know that helping just one person a day, rather it be big or little, helps your self-esteem? It takes just a short time and you can do so much for others and even yourself!

        We are going to need the help of our communities to introduce a new path. As a team we can make a brighter future and life for our communities and families. At Who I Am Foundation we have a very powerful and direct way in connecting with the community however, to make an even stronger impact we need YOU!

Let us know what's going on in your community
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