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It's your business...                            Allow us to help you make it better


Most business owners sell a business only once or twice in their lifetime. And most business buyers buy a business only once or twice in their lifetime. Yes, there are serial entrepreneurs that buy and sell companies every few years and there are corporations that are involved in mergers and acquisitions on a regular basis. For most people, however, a business sale or acquisition is the single most important financial transaction that will occur in that person's life. Therefore, it is imperative to get it right the first time, because there is seldom a second chance.


We have all heard the saying "practice makes perfect". Well there is no "perfect" in a business transaction. However, when you are selling a business, there are many ways to increase the value of the business to maximize the sales price and minimize the frustration both to you and to prospective buyers. Does it make sense to have someone on your team that deals with business transactions on a daily basis? Do you think you could gain an advantage by understanding the key components that sophisticated buyers are seeking in today's marketplace? When your business is presented against others for sale in the marketplace, do you have a competitive advantage? Can you show a prospective buyer a compelling reason to buy your business instead of one of the others?





What if you are on the other side of the transaction? What if you are buying a business? Are you a first time buyer? Have you owned businesses in the past? How many businesses have you analyzed? Do you have a good understanding of how to value a business? Does this acquisition have synergistic or strategic value? What are the key components the business must have in order to satisfy your acquisition criteria?  What do you bring to the table? What are your skill sets? Do you have a good understanding of how to do a proper due diligence on an acquisition?


As a business owner, you only have one chance to sell or present the business for the best results. Once it is done,  you don't get a second chance to get a better outcome. It is critical that you know precisely what you are getting into before you begin or further commence.


Maximizing the Value of Your Business.. That's what we aim to do.


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