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Giving Back is SIMPLE: KEAN Proz Partners with Who I Am Foundation


Here at KEAN Proz, we love giving. We love giving: high fives, kudos to our colleagues who've helped us out, and most importantly, giving back to our communities. Whether it's pulling a plane, rescuing a dog, or picking up a few items to donate to a worthy cause, we do what we can and we're so glad we found a great partner in Who I Am Foundation to help us focus our efforts and maximize our impact.



Today, 22-million children in the US live in poverty and it's the mission of Who I Am Foundation to make it simple to give kids in your community the resources they need to thrive. Who I Am Foundation is on a mission to build the world awaited "I Am Center" by 2025 to reach out more effectively in our communities world wide.



Doing Our Part

Each quarter, we unite as an agency to complete a Simple Service Project to help communities in need.


Items collected go to organizations or groups that are in need of additional items and/or assistance. We're glad we can be a small part of their contribution to making the world a better place.



















We can't wait for our next Who I Am Foundation project. Check out the organization for yourself and learn how you can help your community.


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