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Volunteer Spotlight of the Week..



Chris, or C.J., is born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His hobbies include watching films, reading books, and downhill mountain biking. What prompted C.J. to join Who I Am Foundation was the opportunity to be the reason a family has food on the holidays or kids have school supplies. With hope, they will in return spread kindness to others as well. His father taught art and become the Director for one of Boys and Girls Clubs in Santa Fe, in one of the roughest neighborhoods. He made the community a safer and better place with his positive influence, which is what C.J. would like to do. Who I Am Foundation has benefitted C.J.’s life by creating the opportunity to have a positive influence on others, which benefits the community as a whole. C.J. takes life one day at a time. He feels if he can make today better, tomorrow has to be better as well. C.J. would like to see a lower drop out rate. Three words to describe C.J. would be Productive, Trustworthy, and Balanced. C.J. is part of the Santa Fe team.


Thank you C.J. for being a part of #TeamWhoIAm!!



Santa Fe, NM





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